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I am just me

I have been working with software and technology since I was a kid. I remember looking forward to building electronic kits from Radio Shack. I had a Timex Sinclair and Radio Shack Color Computer as my first computers.
I am pretty proficient in most of the common operating systems including Windows, OS X and Linux. But I have to say I am truly an Apple Fan. I love Apple and everything they do. Back in college when Steve Jobs started NeXT I really wanted to work for him. I sent him an email and he responded. The email is below (clic to see in fullsize).

Mail From Steve Jobs

That letter has always driven me to strive for the best and never accept no for an answer. The Newton is yet another amazing creation from Apple that is clearly the predecessor to the iPad. And keeping the Newton alive through NPDS has been so much fun.



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Model: Apple MessagePad 2100
Operating System : Newton OS 2.1
Newton Rom Version: ROM 2.1 (711000)
Newton Owner: Pete G.
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