your help required this time!

i am having big connectivity problems with NPDS server. Only my wifi one connects to net and that will not find your tracker page from my index.html i.e. /traq link returns 404.
The wired 3com card newton will not show indx page at all although it does show as up on newtonrulez and the server clicks when link clicked. Any ideas, I have tried most other stuff, like restore and and reverting to generating a new index.html. Nothing works with wired connection so I am getting pretty desperate here!
(ps remember I am using port 8080, but have tried 3680 no success with wired. 8080 works with wifi but traq link returns 404

Posted 2/17/16 2:38 am By glenn baggott

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Created: Wed, 17 Feb 2016 07:38:00 GMT
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