WWDC 2015

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference is being held next week. The keynote will be tomorrow (Monday) at 1pm EDT.

What do we have to look forward to from Apple? We know for sure they will talk about iOS 9. But what new hardware???

I am guessing they will refresh the iPads and introduce a larger one. But I am not sure they are going to talk about any new iPhones here. I guess we will find out. And will they announce some new kind of technology we have not yet heard about?

They most certainly will talk about the Apple Watch. I sure hope they have some good updates to improve performance and usability. I love it, but there are some flaws that need to be addressed.

Someday I would LOVE to be able to attend WWDC. I have been to JavaOne and Microsoft Developers Conference, but I have yet to go to WWDC......

Anyway.. I you have any comments about WWDC please post them!



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